Auteurs   Mosse, Kate (Auteur)
Edition  Orion : London , 2008
Collation   1 vol. (739 p.)
Illustration   carte
Format   18 cm
ISBN   0-7528-9396-3
Langue d'édition   anglais
Sujets   Anglais (langue)
Anglais (langue) : roman
Catégories   Roman en anglais
DOC - Langues
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Résumé : A young Parisian girl, Leonie Vernier, disappears without trace from her Aunt's country estate, just outside the spa town of Rennes-les-Bains. That same night, in a tiny village across the valley, an elderly priest is murdered. All that links the two events is the music heard echoing in the ancient woods and the painted Tarot card pressed between the bloodied fingers of the dead man's hand. Card XV, Le Diable . The murderers are never brought to justice. Leonie's body is never found. In October 2007: biographer and musician, Meredith Martin, arrives at the spa town, researching the composer, Claude Debussy. Immediately, she is captivated by the fate of Leonie Vernier. But when Meredith stumbles upon an ancient tomb, a sepulchre, hidden deep within the grounds of the aunts' country estate, she realises the story of the cards is far from dead and buried. Against her will, she finds herself caught up in a race against time, both to find the Vernier Tarot and to solve the century-old mystery of Leonie's disappearance without becoming the latest victim herself.